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Take back the control of your data!

Messaging, Calls and Video-conferencing


As easy to use as your personal communication apps, Citadel Team is compatible on all your terminals and offers all the standard features of instant communication.

A sovereign and secure solution

Secure and sovereign

Operated by Thales and hosted in France, Citadel Team offers a high level of security and guarantees a model without data resell. Activated when necessary, with the end-to-end encryption option, only your devices can read your conversations.

Deployment via the administration console


Deploy, control and manage your corporate fleet from the Citadel Team administration console, while guaranteeing the identity of your users via their professional e-mail. 

Files exchange


Increased team reactivity, centralized conversations and file sharing in private or public personalized spaces for your projects.

They trust us

of CAC 40 companies
SMEs and VSEs
independent users

Collaboration is a matter of trust

Discussion rooms

Create chat rooms for your teams, without size limits

Boost communication by inviting thousands of members in dedicated chat rooms!
Citadel Team also allows you to discuss privately with each of your internal collaborators and invite external partners.

Manage your user fleet.

Manage your users' subscription options from the administration console: remotely disable devices, control access and activity of your employees. 

Fleet Administration
End-to-end encryption

Exchange sensitive information.

To ensure complete confidentiality and sealing between our customers, each company benefits from a dedicated infrastructure operated by Thales and hosted in France. Activated when necessary, end-to-end encryption ensures that only your devices can decrypt your messages.

Chat wherever you are.

Citadel Team synchronizes in real-time all your exchanges on your terminals (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and browsers). In times of crisis, deploy the solution quickly and easily to your entire fleet.


Combine security and simplicity!


End-to-end encryption

To be activated when necessary: all your messages, documents, multimedia files and calls are end to end encrypted.

Conversation bubble

Chat and file sharing

Send messages and share files without limit up to 200MB per file!

Encrypted calls

Encrypted calls

Thanks to the encrypted HD calling functionality, you can make calls securely from anywhere.

French Flag

Operated by Thales, hosted in France

The service is developed by Thales security teams, hosted on Thales and OVH infrastructures.


Administration console

Access the complete list of your users (activate or deactivate an option, deactivate an account, disconnect a terminal etc.)

Protected data

No advertising nor data reselling

Citadel Team is GDPR compliant. No information is exploited or resold. Citadel Team does not display any advertising.

They recommend us

Thousands of professionals use Citadel Team every day!

Vincent Garrigues
Head of Information Systems Security,

Until now, our employees have been using very common 'general public' tools such as instant messaging applications and our objective is to change this, switching them to a more secure tool. Citadel Team is part of that logic. I am happy to contribute to its deployment within CNES.

Vincent Garrigues
Vincent Garrigues
Associate Director,
Meroe Global

Reputation management of an executive clientele requires the use of perfectly secure tools. For the validation of contents and confidential documents, we prefer Citadel Team, the French solution of excellence.

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