Citadel Team and the Open Trusted Cloud

Citadel Team relies on OVHcloud to build the trusted alternative to consumer instant messaging.

In the space of a few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned upside down our societies, our habits and our working methods upside down.   

Teleworking has become the norm for many companies and has made the selection of strategic tools for communication between employees and external parties paramount.

Citadel Team has seen its use increase by +250% at the beginning of the containment: the whole team is strongly involved to allow thousands of employees to continue their activity in the best conditions thanks to our French solution of secure messaging and telephony, hosted in France. 

However, for a considerable number of companies, this period has been synonymous with the implementation of communications solutions in haste and without prior study of the risks involved: what uses, what data protection and governance?

Alternative solutions

Is tomorrow's world definitely synonymous with American or Chinese domination of the SaaS market? How can we fight against players whose opacity has all too often shown that reality exceeds fiction?  

Our vision is that the countries of Europe, and France in particular, must retain their independence in these strategic sectors, which can only be achieved through the emergence of alternative solutions.  

As OVHcloud proved in the recent IDC MarketScape rankings by entering the "contenders" category, the game is not lost. 

Citadel Team defends this same vision and continues to bring to its platform new functionalities adapted to the needs of corporate communication in order to consolidate its offer, without compromising on data or ergonomics: thus, video conferencing and screen sharing should be available by the end of 2020.  

Ecosystem and Values

Above all, it is a set of values that support Citadel Team's vision: guaranteeing total confidentiality, offering end-to-end encryption, hosting our data where our customers operate (currently in France) and building an economic model that does not give in to the easy temptation of exploiting or redistributing data for commercial purposes.  

Thanks to all the companies that share these values, a new European ecosystem that respects fundamental rights and freedoms in terms of personal data is emerging. The notion of ecosystem is the only guarantor of such values, incompatible with the oligopolies represented by GAFAM or BATX.   

The Open Trusted Cloud, sovereign cloud and reversibility

As you may have seen, Citadel Team has recently added the Open Trusted Cloud logo to the footer of its website.  

This program brings together all the solutions that adhere to these values and guarantees the hosted solutions:  

- The choice of location for data storage and processing, ensuring compliance with local legislation;  

- Compliance with the European CISPE "code of conduct" on data protection;  

- Compliance with the "code of conduct" on data reversibility facilitated by the European Commission (SWIPO IaaS);  

- The contribution of HDS, PCI DSS, SOC1 certifications according to the infrastructures if necessary and, soon, a SecNumCloud certification. 

These technical choices are highly symbolic and in line with our values. The notion of reversibility is crucial:  

Choosing a reversible cloud solution means being able to guarantee that the data that our customers entrust to us and that we host can one day be easily recovered if we change host. 


In this confidence approach, Citadel Team is also actively working with the agency for the security of information systems (ANSSI) to receive the CSPN certification. 

Basile Rohart

Produt manager within Citadel Team