New functionality

Green is the new Black !

The Dark Mode has been trending on our applications for a few years now: Twitter, Facebook and even our phone operating systems have this feature.  

Citadel Team has decided to wear black...  


But why is the Darkmode so popular?  

Apart from its undeniably cooler appearance, the dark mode has many advantages!  

Relieved eyes for better productivity!  

The main purpose of the Darkmode is of course to rest your eyes thanks to a darker screen, limiting the blue light emissions.  

Its use is especially interesting in the evening and in environments with less light.  


A little break for your battery...

Thanks to use of dark pixels, the Darkmode consumes less battery than the classic mode. A breath of fresh air for your computers and smartphones !

Towards a greener world!  

Less battery usage means less energy consumed. This is not the revolution that will save our beautiful planet, but it's a start!

So for more comfort and to help saving mother nature, activate the Darkmode now on Citadel Team... Your eyes will thank you !
Find more information on our Support page!
Camille Bernard

23 years old I Cybersecurity Solutions Account Developer