New functionality

Discover the latest "News Format"!

Create content and share it with your entire team in an attractive and quick-to-read format!  

Simplified group communication for a better user engagement

Stop sharing your managerial communications through the obsolete e-mail channel.  

With the News format, create your content and share it quickly to your entire internal environment and measure the impact of your publications!  

A toolbar for fast and easy formatting

Stylize your publications easily by formatting the font, adding a title and an illustration for a better look!  

It is a known fact that a neat and attractive message is more likely to be read and taken into account by your target.

Share and read wherever you are!

News Format editing is only available on the web version or on the Desktop application.  

However, you can read and share publications wherever you are: at home or on the move, passing information from room* to room has never been so easy!

- Find out more about the News Format from our FAQ-

A room is a discussion group on Citadel Team.  

Camille Bernard

23 years old I Cybersecurity Solutions Account Developer