Our history

Our reason for being

In an increasingly digitalized world, the leakage or theft of sensitive data is commonplace. Whether on a daily basis or on the scale of large groups and international organizations, no one is safe.  

In addition, the use of general public communication tools is a scourge for companies that want to keep control of their data.  

Citadel Team was born out of this observation, first to meet an internal need at Thales, then to be deployed more widely within organizations in France and abroad.

An ambitious project

It was in the Thales premises in Gennevilliers that the project was born in 2017. Supported by a team of 11 people, the solution has been constantly evolving for 3 years in terms of security, functionality, ergonomics and ambition.  

Today, located at the WeWork Lafayette co-working space in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, 43 people work together to make Citadel Team a leader in the secure communications market in France and a major player in Europe .

A sovereign solution

Citadel Team is proud to equip several major companies of the CAC 40, about fifty organizations and hundreds of thousands of users .

A sovereign solution, developed and operated by Thales and hosted in France, Citadel Team's mission is to put an end to the hegemony and propagation of so-called "general public" tools, which are sources of danger for professionals .

Camille Bernard

23 years old I Cybersecurity Solutions Account Developer